3D Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer Refreshing Jasmine Instant Cleaning 16 OZ -2 Pack

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3D Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer comes in a refreshing Jasmine scent. This extra strength product is used to decrease and eliminate germs on the skin that could cause diseases. Instantly cleans and leaves hands feeling soft and full of moisture. Very safe and gentle on the skin. At 3D, we realize the importance of safety and health and are doing our part to reduce toxic waste and substances. We provide manufacturing services for a variety of products that will clean any surface.



  • 2 Bottles of 16 OZ Each Included in Order

  • FIGHTS OFF GERMS - Effectively removes and prevents germs quickly from fungi, cocci and other mechanisms that could cause unwanted diseases.

  • GREAT PLEASANT SCENT – The 3D Moisturizing Hand Sanitizer comes in a 16oz. of refreshing Jasmine Scent. Inhale that pleasant aroma as you cleanse those hands.

  • 66% Isopropyl Alcohol 

  • SAFE AND GENTLE; BRINGS MOISTURE TO SKIN – No harsh abrasive chemicals to damage or irritate your skin. This formula is very gentle. Not sticky; leaving no residue. Only soft, moisturized, germ-free hands.

  • EASY TO USE - NO RINSE NEEDED – One simple squirt! There’s no need for paper towels, hand towels or even rinsing. rub hands together until completely dried and you’re all set.

  • Made in the USA.